Parent Reviews


Thank you so much for teaching Kindermusik.  It was a great foundation.  Julia is picking up violin very well.  We joined the String Project this year.  I kept "putting off" teaching her myself because I was afraid of making huge mistakes.  Now, we are both learning.  I appreciate all the hard work (and fun) that you do with these kids!

Nekey Shirley


I cannot begin to say enough nice things about Kindermusik!  My daughter and I started over three years ago when she was just four months old.  I could tell in the very first class that my little girl was being stimulated and that she enjoyed listening to the music.  I loved the quality time that I got with her and being able to chat with other mothers with children the same age.  Pretty soon she was singing along with the songs and even naming the instruments that she heard!  It was a no brainer for me to enroll my second child as soon as he was born!  Both of my children adore all the class activities and we often repeat them at home.  As much as we love playing the instruments and singing, I think one of the best parts of Kindermusik is Ms. Anne!!  She creates a fun and structured environment that my children have blossomed in.  She is patient and very understanding when any "toddler issues" arise.  Her passion for music has affected my children in a very positive way.  I am already dreading the day when my children will outgrow the program, but I know they will carry what they have learned with them for the rest of their lives!

Kristen Peters


I have had both my kids participate in Kindermusik with Anne since they were 6 months old (they are 2 and 4 now). They have both loved it and have gained awesome foundational skills that have helped them develop and grow! It's a great community of parents as well! I would highly recommend joining!!

Amber Castro


I highly recommend this business. My two grand daughters and I have greatl​y enjoyed going to Kindermusik with Miss Anne. Her classes are fun for both the children and adults as we sing together, play instruments, dance, and do many other fun activities all with music. A licensed music educator, Anne taught my own children at their grammar school, so I was delighted to learn that my grand daughters could also experience her love for music and children in this special way. This is the perfect once a week activity to take your children, grand children, nieces, nephews, etc. to. My oldest grand is 10 and just last week she talked to me about her fond memories of Kindermusik with Miss Anne.

Susie Gravitt

 Mrs Anne makes every class exceptional. My kids absolutely love her class and look forward to it every week! She is not only knowledgeable in music with many years of experience but her interpersonal skills are top notch. She understands that every child responds, interprets, and reacts differently and she allows them to express themselves in their own unique way. It has made a huge impact on my daughters, especially my oldest who is currently in speech therapy, working on her expressive communication. She comes home and wants to recreate what she learned in her Kindermusik class. We are so grateful to have found Mrs. Anne’s class! 

Nicole Cantrell


​​I started Kindermusik with Anne Hendrix in January 2007 when my oldest child was 8 months old. She took classes until she started kindergarten at age 5 1/2. She is now 11 and starting middle school. She has a love of music and dance and is an accomplished pianist. Her music training started as an infant with Kindermusik and Miss Anne! I now have a 4 year old and a 2 1/2 year old in Anne's Kindermusik classes. They love Kindermusik and Miss Anne! We all love attending Kindermusik classes, and I wouldn't go to anyone else's classes. We drive from Signal Mountain to East Brainerd just for Anne's classes. Anne Hendrix loves what she does, and that love is reflected in her classes. She makes it fun, and the kids don't even realize how much they are learning.

​Katrina Davis